Tool Rental at Motorcycle Solutions LLC

We rent motorcycle tools locally to walk-in customers for about 1/10 of the price to buy the tool. At the time of rental, we run a credit card authorization for the full value of the tool but do not charge the card. 

If you prefer to buy the tool, we have most of them in stock, or we can get it next business day.

Motorcycle Tools for Rent

Here's a list of the tools we have to rent. The cost is per day:

Chain Breaker 520-530   $3.00
Clutch Basket Holder   $3.00
Clutch Hub / Oil Filter Nut Spanner   $3.00
Carburetor Adjust Screwdiver   $3.00
Rotor Puller 27X1.0 LH Ext Thread   $3.00
Rotor Puller 16X1.5 RH Thread   $3.00
Chain Alignment Tool   $3.00
Mini Chain Press   $3.00
Rotor Puller 20X1.5 RH Thread   $3.00
Pilot Screw Adjusting Tool   $3.00
Torque Wrench Adaptor 12mm 14mm   $3.00
Cable Luber   $3.00
Metric Wheel Bearing Removal Tool   $9.00
Swing Arm Bearing Tool   $4.00
Bearing Retainer Tool   $3.00
Rotor & Sprocket Holder   $4.00
Rotor Puller M38X1.5 RH Internal   $5.00
Hex Axle Tool   $3.00
Manometer $11.00
PBR Chain Tool   $9.00
Rotor Puller 18X1.5 RH Thread   $3.00
Electrical Crimper   $3.00
Mini Bleeder 8mm for Brake/Clutch   $3.00
Spark Plug Hole Re-threader 12x14   $3.00
Valve Spring Compressor  $12.00
Rotor Puller33Mx1.5 RH Int. Thread   $4.00
Rotor Puller 30x1.0 RH Thread $3.00
Aux Fuel Tank $5.00