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We just added two notary publics. We can notarize personal sales of powersports vehicles and title transfers.

Out of State Inspection Forms
We can also complete out of state inspection forms for powersports vehicles. If you buy the vehicle outside of Ohio and want to title it in Ohio, you need to have the form completed by an authorized Ohio dealer.

Ordering Parts
We're faster than ordering online. We offer many aftermarket parts next business day if you order by 2 pm, and our prices are almost always below retail. You can shop from this site, call or text.

Oil changes and Tire changes (on the bike) - An appointment is required, but we can often get you in the same day and often get the work done while you wait. 

Oil changes start at $59.95 for street bikes and $39.95 for dirt bikes and ATV. It includes up to 3 quarts of mineral oil. (We usually use Bel-Ray.) Synthetic oil can be added for $5/quart. We have Amsoil, Mobil 1 and Klotz.

Many Harleys have three chambers for oil. Prices start at $69.95 for the crank case, $25 for the primary and $25 for the transmission. To upgrade to synthetic oil for all three chambers would be about 6 quarts, which would add an extra $30. (Therefore, to change all three chambers with synthetic averages about $150.)

Street bike tire changes start at $59.95 for 1 tire and $89.95 for 2 tires. Dirt Bikes start at $39.95 for 1 tire and $59.95 for 2 tires. The cost of tires is extra. Except for the very cheapest tires, our prices are always below retail. We stock some and can have many more the next business day. We sell a lot of Shinko, Dunlop, Michelin and Continental, but we can get many more brands.

Tire Changes (off the bike)
 - This is the least expensive option. You only pay the cost of the tires. Order the tires from us and we’ll mount them on the wheels free. Once the tires come in, bring in the wheels and we’ll do it while you wait. Note: The extra cost of valve stems or inner tubes may come up if yours are defective.


Engine Work

We can do cylinder head work, pistons and cranks. We can refurbish many cylinder heads in house. Cylinder oversizing starts at $50 per hole for 4-strokes and $60 per hole for 2-strokes. We'll discuss engine rebuilds in the fall and winter for motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs. We don't bring it in during the busy season.

Hourly Rate - $65

Vehicle Pick-up and Drop-Off - We have a small trailer and can pick up dirt bikes as well as small to medium-sized motorcycles. Cost is $50 each way (within 20 miles).

Carburetor/Petcock Rebuilds - We clean and rebuild carburetors off the bike. The costs are: single carburetor $35 plus parts. A pair is $50 plus parts. A set of four is $150 plus parts.


Parts Cleaning - We have machines to professionally clean engine parts. We also offer sand blasting and soda blasting. Call for more info and to get a quote.

Tool Rental - We rent some useful motorcycle tools for about 1/10 of the cost to buy them. It’s great for tools you won’t use often. See our list of tools and rates


Service Packages

Inspection Report - We’ll look your bike over to make sure it is safe and to diagnose any problems. It's great for used bikes you've just purchased, or if you're having trouble diagnosing a bike you're working on. $120.

Spring Maintenance Package - Get your bike ready to ride. It will include an oil change and new oil filter as well as an air filter cleaning or change. We'll also check fluids, spark plugs and chain. This combines great with a tire change or winter storage. $200.

Accessory Installation - We’ll install windshields, luggage racks, crash bars, lighting and more. You can buy the accessories from us at great prices that are usually below retail, and we'll install them for a flat fee.


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