Dragon Mdx2 Sand Nettle / Smoke 722-1993-WPS

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1-Day Handling


  • Polyurethane frame
  • Unidirectional air flow system
  • Moisture wicking micro-fleece lined face foam
  • Quad foam technology
  • Flexible Single Lexan Lens Anti-Fog Treated (AFT)
  • 100% UV protection
  • Lens mounted posts hold up to 28 laminated tear-offs
  • Silicone beaded strap
  • Medium fit size

MDX & MDX2 Sand Specific

  • Element Specific Vent Foam & Face Foam
  • Dragon Barrier Vent -Foam is a closed cell foam that will reduce fine dust and sand particles from entering the inside of the goggle,
  • 3 lens choices starting with a Polarized lens that allows a 15% -20% light transmission and eliminates the harshest of sun conditions and reflective glare from the sand. A Jet lens that is darker that the industries standard grey lens and allowing 25%-30% light transmission that is best for sunny conditions, but also adds definition while cutting glare. The Eclipse lens will round out the collection with the ultimate in bright and sunny conditions only allowing 6%-15% light transmission for those ultra bright days on the dunes