CB750 CB900 CX500 GL1000 GL1100 GL500 Starter Clutch Repair Kit 91101-516-000A

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Fix your slipping or non-engaging electric start with this OEM starter clutch repair kit for Honda models listed below. The kit includes 3 new springs, 3 new caps and 3 new rollers. These parts get worn or broken and do not engage the starter clutch when the electric starter begins to spin. This kit fits the following Honda models and years.

CB750A Automatic (76-78)
CB750C Custom (80-82)
CB750F Supersport (75-82)
CB750 K (70-82)
CB750L (79)
CB750SC Nighthawk (82-83)
CB900C Custom (80-82)
CB900F Supersport (81-82)
CX500 /C/D/TC (78-82)
CX650T (83)
GL1000 Goldwing (75-79)
GL1000 LTD (76)
GL1100 Goldwing (80-82)
GL500 /I (81-82)