2005 2006 2007 Kawasaki KX250 Power Reeds Boyesen 6129

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Boyesen’s revolutionary dual-stage reed design delivers more
usable power than stock. Your original one-stage reed operates most effectively only within a narrow RPM range. Boyesen’s one soft reed on top of one firm flow-through reed gives you a wide range of intake control, plus increased intake velocity. Your original reeds can’t possibly duplicate that performance.

  • Dual stage reeds
  • Minor change gives major H.P. improvements
  • Faster opening and closing
  • Greater low pressure (Low-throttle) response
  • Greater velocity and flow area
  • Longer overall life
  • No engine damage if broken
  • Carbon pro has new carbon fiber reed for quicker response
- Kawasaki
2007 - KX250
2006 - KX250
2005 - KX250