16 Tooth Front Sprocket for Honda CB CJ CL CM models (68-86) JTF278.16

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This is one 16 tooth front steel sprocket by JT that fits 530 series chains.

This series of sprocket will fit on the models listed below. Please check your own application to determine the correct number of teeth. 

1972HondaCB350F Super Sport
1974HondaCB350F Super Sport
1973HondaCB350G Super Sport
1968 - 1973HondaCB350K
1974 - 1976HondaCB360G
1978HondaCB400A Hawk Hondamatic
1975 - 1977HondaCB400F Super Sport
1978 - 1979HondaCB400T
1980 - 1981HondaCB400T Hawk
1978 - 1979HondaCB400TI Hawk I
1978 - 1979HondaCB400TII Hawk II
1982 - 1983HondaCB450SC Nighthawk
1985 - 1986HondaCB450SC Nighthawk
1982HondaCB450T Hawk
1975 - 1976HondaCB500T
1968 - 1973HondaCL350K Scrambler
1974 - 1975HondaCL360K Scrambler
1979 - 1981HondaCM400A Hondamatic
1981HondaCM400C Custom
1980 - 1981HondaCM400E
1979 - 1981HondaCM400T
1982 - 1983HondaCM450A Hondamatic
1982HondaCM450C Custom
1982 - 1983HondaCM450E
  • Computer-designed to achieve ultimate strength at minimum weight
  • JT combines leading-edge technology with top materials to produce the ultimate quality sprocket range with unbeatable value
  • Every sprocket meets or exceeds the highest possible quality standards set for the motorcycle industry
  • Sprockets are heat-treated and bead-blasted to reduce material surface tension
  • Front sprockets made with C45 steel and SCM415 chromoly steel alloy; rear sprockets made with top-quality-grade C45 high-carbon steel

Image Note: The image shown with this product is a generic depiction of JT sprockets available. The actual sprocket may vary. We do our best to include a photo of the exact product whenever possible. However, due to the large number of sprockets available, an exact photo is not available from the distributor for each one.